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**Reading Readiness Covers Give Reading Readiness Power to Your Computer Keyboard **

Reading Readiness covers have English upper/lower case letters imprinted on the key tops provide immediate and constant correlation of these letter for all early and struggling readers (aA, bB, dD, fF, gG, hH, iI, lL etc.) Do your early readers tell you, 'Teacher, I don't have an 'a' on my computer?' Do the computer keyboard capital letters confuse your early readers looking for lower case a, b, d, j, i, l and other letters? Do your students mistake the capital I (i) on the keyboard for a lower case l(L)? Would your early readers do better with both upper and lower case letters visible on the keyboard?

Features & Benefits Reading Readiness Covers:

  • English upper/lower Case
  • Accelerates upper and lower case letter recognition for all your K-3 early readers (aA, bB, gG, iI, etc.) .
  • Aids special-needs students in upper/lower case letter recognition.
  • Students can refer to the keyboard cover for letter recognition without asking their teacher.
  • The visual letter connection comes from the letter pairs printed on the Reading Readiness Covers.
  • Accelerates English as a Second Language (ESL) student's alphabet mastery.
  • Aids teaching English to foreign students in the U.S.
  • Aids teaching English to students in foreign countries.

Reading Readiness SpeedSkin is for use on standard PC or Mac keyboards.