ACD PROD SNS VCTR SERVER 6 STD SLIC VSPHERE 6 PER INSTANCE 1YR, Academic Discount | Education Discount at
Product ID: 1781290 | Mfg Part #: VCS6-STD-P-SSS-A
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This item is support for, and must be purchased along with, Academic VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard for vSphere 6 (Per Instance)

The operational platform of the VMware vCenter server enables management of more than three hosts and provides improved use of functions made available by vSphere. Improves analysis and problem-solving while maintaining full insight into the virtual infrastructure. Introduces a new, simplified activation system.

Installation components of the vCenter server have been grouped into two types: inbuilt and external. Inbuilt includes installation of all elements on one virtual machine, external enables installation on a different machine.

VMware Platform Service Controller (PSC) is a novelty containing the Single Sign-On  function allowing a single log-in in order to obtain access to all resources. Installation of an inbuilt type is recommended in environments which only contain one vCenter Server system, without the need of PSC replication. In other cases, external installation is required.

Key Features:

Centralized Control and Visibility
VMware vSphere Web Client – Manage the essential functions of vSphere from any browser anywhere in the world.

Multi-hypervisor management – Provides simplified and integrated management of VMware and Hyper-V hosts.

vCenter single sign-on – Simplify administration by allowing users to log in once and then access all instances of vCenter Server and VMware vCloud® Director™ without further authentication.

Inventory search – Have the entire vCenter Server inventory, including virtual machines, hosts, datastores and networks, at your fingertips.

Alerts and notifications – Support new entities, metrics and events such as datastore- and virtual machine–specific alarms. These alarms can trigger new automated workflows to remedy and preempt problems.

Proactive Management
Host profiles – Standardize and simplify how you configure and manage VMware ESXi™ host configurations. Capture the blueprint of a known, validated configuration—including networking, storage and security settings—and deploy it to many hosts, simplifying setup. Host profile policies can also monitor compliance.

Resource management for virtual machines – Allocate processor and memory resources to virtual machines running on the same physical servers. Establish minimum, maximum and proportional resource shares for CPU, memory, disk and network bandwidth. Modify allocations while virtual machines are running. Enable applications to dynamically acquire more resources to accommodate peak performance.

Dynamic resource allocation – vCenter Server continuously monitors utilization across resource pools and intelligently allocates available resources among virtual machines according to predefined rules that reflect business needs and changing priorities. The result is a self-managing, highly optimized and efficient IT environment with built-in load balancing.

Automatic restart of virtual machines with VMware vSphere HA – Automatically restart virtual machines that have failed without manual intervention.

Audit trails– Maintain records of significant configuration changes and export reports for event tracking.

Patch management – Using the capabilities of VMware vSphere Update Manager™, enforce compliance to patch standards through automated scanning and patching of online ESXi hosts and select Microsoft and Linux virtual machines.

vCenter Orchestrator (included) – Simplify management by automating more than 800 tasks using out-of-the-box workflows or by assembling workflows using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

vCenter Operations Manager Foundation (included) – Enable the performance and health of vSphere infrastructure with deep operational insights and visibility.

Extensible Platform
Linked Mode – vCenter Server provides scalable architecture and visibility across multiple vCenter Server instances, with roles, permissions and licenses replicated across the infrastructure. You can log in, view and search the inventories of all vCenter Servers simultaneously.

APIs –Integration with ecosystem partners extends capabilities of the virtual infrastructure.